A tired dude with too many hobbies.Here you'll find all my socials and shop!

On this page you'll find my amazon wishlist and kofi! (For tips/donations)All amazon gifts are opened on my tiktok in a video, so please leave your name or @ so I can tag you!Most donations on kofi are currently going towards my top surgery :)
Other than that tips are used to grow my shop, make new cosplay content, and improve my streams.
I also give shoutouts for kofi donations too! On twitter, facebook, and instagram stories. So please leave you name so I can properly thank you!

On this page you'll find the artists I work with!
They're all friends of mine and we work together on several projects.
I do some digital art, but they do most of it! I then craft EVERYTHING in my shop. Cups, charms, shelves, dice, etc.
Click their usernames below to check out their social media・゚✧*:・゚✧

This is my main artist and friend Rotten Unikorn! We've been working together for YEARS now, and does the art for most of my prints, and many of the charms I make. He's amazing and SO talented!
Here's some examples of work he's done for me!

✧The Loch Nessy✧

Nessy is a Vtuber, like me! She does a lot of streamer assets, and has super cute, crisp art. I highly recommend her for streaming content and art!
She's even done several of my assets I use in my streams~


Milk Addicc is my Sonic artist!They're the amazing artist behind our cool shirts, hoodies, charms, and standees of all the Sonic characters!