A tired dude with too many hobbies.Here you'll find all my socials and shop!

On this page you'll find the artists I work with!
They're all friends of mine and we work together on several projects.
I do some digital art, but they do most of it! I then craft EVERYTHING in my shop. Cups, charms, shelves, dice, etc.
Click their usernames below to check out their social media・゚✧*:・゚✧

This is my main artist and friend Rotten Unikorn! We've been working together for YEARS now, and does the art for most of my prints, and many of the charms I make. He's amazing and SO talented!
Here's some examples of work he's done for me!

✧The Loch Nessy✧

Nessy is a Vtuber, like me! She does a lot of streamer assets, and has super cute, crisp art. I highly recommend her for streaming content and art!
She's even done several of my assets I use in my streams~


Milk Addicc is my Sonic artist!They're the amazing artist behind our cool shirts, hoodies, charms, and standees of all the Sonic characters!


Ren is my newest artist for my shop, but I've been getting art from them for years now! He's done a lot of art for my vtuber model, and even did the art for my big banner I take to cons, as well as the image in the background here on my website.